lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Away Lyrics

Ring the bell,
Pass the door,
And betray.

Now that your name’s useless
You appear without my call
And you give me your hand
But I can’t see your face.

And I know I cant get there
But I can’t explain
When the hords inside my chest

All those days
All that rain
They sometimes look like memory stains.
I am not
Where I lay
I’m like you…

Find your way
Or stay
But not this

…That calling you is in vain
I can’t help doing it
And if I don’t see you
I can’t see nothing…
Nothing at all.

With this tremor in my heart
I could conquer hell
When the hords inside my cries
Take revenge.

All these days
All this rain
What to do with what remains?
It seems fate
It’s never late
To take things

There was a time when you were not here
And everything seemed so full of life
Now has happened again
But why is it not the same?