jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Cynic Lyrics


Conflict grows
Complete low-fat yogurt
The previous step leading
Civile war

Four million babies die
Hundred per cent bovine meat
They claim their deaths were

Artic Ocean melts down
And the dirt goes away in a BANG!

We guarantee satisfaction

Opened Eyes and enclosed heart

Nuclear ploriferation
Advanced Daily toothpaste

Urbanistic Invasion
Hundred per cent soy drink

Dictatorial nations
Ikea nivea vissage

Mutual assasination

More After Commercials!

Welcome back!

Wastelands that once were seas
First line coastal apartments
The king of a starving country has a private jet..

NEW! High image definition
NOW! Costumize your cellphone
New flavours
Dozens of colours
With us you’ll never be alone

The finest chocolate ever
Be fit in less than a month
A leader says that if women are raped it’s all  their fault!

Subliminal slavery
Buy two and get three

Massacre as penalty
Loose fat while watching TV

Deserts spread widely
Plastic surgery

Human stupidity
More after commercials

Stay there!

Don’t go we’ll be back in a minute with ultimate information.
Don’t change we’ll be back in a moment to tell you more!
Don’t go we’ll be back in a minute to tell you about mutilations.
Meanwhile stay sit and enjoy this moments of

Opened Eyes and enclosed heart